A Trip to Ireland for Physipro!


It’s already over … The exhibition at the European Seating Symposium (ESS) ended Friday, June 15 in Dublin after 3 very intense days of meetings, exchanges, fun and discoveries.

For Physipro, this event was quite a challenge. Participating to the Sherbrooke International program (a Sherbrooke Innopole initiative that offers support to Sherbrooke companies developing their market outside Quebec), our team has managed to make our participation as a Sherbrooke ambassador in Ireland a reality.

An unforgettable experience

Although Physipro participates in a dozen exhibitions a year in Canada, the organization of our first participation in the ESS show was accompanied by a lot of excitement on the part of our team. Many of us experienced for the first time the animation related to the preparation of an international event. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for us all.

On site, we were very pleased to see that the products that we presented at our booth had captured the interest of many people from around the world. Healthcare professionals, users, families, students: it was a real pride for Physipro to present its latest innovations in mobility and positioning in front of so many people showing curiosity and enthusiasm.

We were touched to see how some health professionals were looking forward to this event and the solutions it proposed to better serve the people of their respective countries. Our discussions with several representatives from different corners of the globe (England, Italy, Portugal, Israel, Holland and Qatar) have brought us closer to the many problems experienced around the world.

For Physipro, ESS was more than an exhibition and an opportunity for sharing. Rich in lessons, the event led us to forge bonds with people around the world, but also stimulated us to surpass ourselves on a daily basis.