Word from the Founder

At Physipro, our focus has always been on the individuals for whom we create our products, and we make every effort to respond to all our clients’ needs. This is our philosophy at Physipro and the driving force behind our company.

Mario Ouellette, CEO

Who We Are

Physipro is a leader in designing and manufacturing complex rehabilitation technology products. We are committed to developing more effective aids, devices, and equipment for maximum comfort and greater freedom. Physipro’s product line is the result of 30 years of experience perfecting this fusion of custom and off-the-shelf products. All of our products are made in Canada!

Our Mission

qualite-garantie-transpOur mission at Physipro is to develop positioning and mobility devices that provide the utmost in comfort, durability, and quality. We will always be focused on maintaining our standards of quality and striving for new levels of innovation.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to stand out above the competition by developing uniquely designed and innovative products that are highly reliable and fully customizable.

What We Value

  • Functionality: The functionality of our products reflects a thorough understanding of the daily lives of the people who use them..
  • Design: Our role is to solve problems, develop innovative solutions, and invent new possibilities in order to meet the needs of wheelchair users.
  • Customisation: We design products that can be continually adapted to keep pace with ever-changing human beings and their environment.
  • Quality : Physipro has built its brand on quality. We strive to provide high quality products through careful control of every step of the manufacturing process.

A Brief History

An entrepreneurial spirit, a remarkable understanding of human mechanics, and especially a passion for seating and positioning are the essence of Physipro, founded in 1988 by Mario Ouellette. His ingenuity, his desire to make a difference, and his ability to visualize beyond what the market offered resulted in innovative solutions that today meet the needs of thousands of wheelchair users.

Physipro is determined to continuing this philosophy. That’s why its fully customizable products are among the most adjustable on the market, allowing therapists specify the exact properties their clients need.

Today, more than 30 years since the first products left our workshop, we have a team of more than 80 employees contributing to the success of Physipro.


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