We are committed to facilitating the work of dedicated therapist around the World, so we have developed tools to aid them. Among these tools you will find the Simulator that facilitates the postural evaluation, the slider rule that simplifies taking anthropometric measurements and the TEMPA, an instrument that measures the performance of the upper limbs.

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We are committed
to facilitating the work
of hundreds of dedicated


We count on a team of experienced clinicians to deliver technical support to occupational therapists and technicians in the rehabilitation field. They also enable us to provide full simulation client assessment, delivery services (including trial and adjustment sessions), training sessions (user manuals provided), follow-up, and on-site minor repairs.

Assessment Tool

The Simulator

The Simulator greatly helps the rehabilitation specialists to offer assistance meeting the needs of their customers. It is used to accurately establish custom manufacturing criteria of a posture assistive device.

Assessment Case

Our case contains several support components.

Vernier Caliper

The vernier caliper is an advantage in your evaluations


The TEMPA (Test Evaluant la Performance des Membres supérieurs des Personnes âgées) is a performance-evaluating test.  It was developed to help occupational therapists to evaluate efficiently the adaptive capacities and functional limitations of the upper limbs.

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Customer Testimonials

« I wish to thank you and your team for your exceptional work. Thanks » 

— Josh Dueck

« Mom was asked if the Resolve cushion made a difference; her immediate reply was a resounding yes! She said even his school noticed a difference in his posture with this cushion. She did not want to give it back to me… »

— Krista Porter, OT, Speciality seating clinic, Stan Cassidy Rehab Center