Physipro’s 2020 order forms have arrived!


Our order forms have been completely redesigned to facilitate your purchase process. Simple and intuitive, the new visual display offers an easy step-by-step format and provides specific notes on each product for additional clarity.

A system of symbols is utilized in our new order forms to highlight important information on each product.

Amongst the new pictograms, you will find a wrench and an alarm icon that represent technical details and important pricing information, respectively, these details should be taken into consideration. Each symbol refers to a blue colored note at the beginning of the section.

Lastly, an arrow symbol in the choice column indicates that a more specific set of options must be selected, or that measurements are required for certain products.


The order forms  have been divided in sections to offer additional clarity by regrouping components of the same category. The main section of the order form is identified by a black heading, whilst the sub-section headings of products are presented in grey.


At the end of each order form a note space is included for product customization request. Being a Made-to-measure manufacturer, Physipro offers personalized solutions by providing the opportunity to customize each positioning product at an additional fee. A hyperlink directing to a drawing sheet is available to facilitate the description of your request and provide the detailed information needed.


Certain order forms offer the opportunity to configure a personalized positioning cushion. In these sections of the order form, it is possible to indicate the types of foams desired for each layer of the cushion, from the bottom layer to the top layer.


In an effort to simplify production of non-standard products, certain order forms include illustrations with a note space provided for the inscription of the dimensions requested. These measurements are essential to facilitate the  product design.